10 Guys Share Super Weird (Favorite) Masturbation Techniques

There’s no doubt in this universe that men take great enjoyment in self-pleasure. After all, almost all men would say having sex is up there with an ice cold beer and a victorious sports game. Of course, every man’s sex drive is different and same goes for their libido.

As we age, the libido doesn’t always stay at its high like in their 20s or 30s. So the same horn blowing tactics might now always bring BIG O like when you were 25.

It’s fudging sucks, but it’s bound to happen. So no doubt, creativity comes into play while on a quest to discovering the most effective masturbation techniques so the “bad boy” peaks properly.

Seriously, if you are watching your favorite live porn, isn’t fantasy key here? UM yeah. If you’re getting that smokin’ hot cam model to virtually sex you up, be creative when you jack off.

So, friends, we got you. Thanks to all the men that shared their favorite masturbating ways, we have a smorgasbord of ideas for every guy! Okay, some are kind of weird, but hey la vida loca. You have to be creative in this life!

So check out some of the best-tried masturbation techniques from real men. We tried to arrange them in order of awesomeness.

Super Weird Favorite Masturbation Tips to Try

Wrap it before you tap it

“ I grab my favorite lube and fill a plastic bag. I’ve also tried Vaseline body lotion too as an alternative when I couldn’t find my lube. Then, I’d slip my penis inside and move to get my hands involved….It’s pretty hot when I’m watching my cam girl get turned with her dildo in Private, so it feels like I’m doing the deed “inside” of her. ”

– Stephen/28

The couch cozy slip

“ The couch is my favorite place to masturbate and I’ve found the cushions to help me along the way. So I place my manhood in between the cushions and thrust in and out. It’s a hands-free approach, a bit messy…but makes me feel like I’m having sex.

– Matt/36

Tip teaser

“ So it’s pretty easy, but intense AF. I give constant light touches to the tip of my frenulum (penis tip) while rubbing my scrotum (balls). Play gently because this trick will keep you stimulated for hours until you explode your load. My balls will go insane with pleasure. I really like to do this while I watch a good striptease.”

– Cody/25

Showerhead fun

“ This is one of my old ways from wayyyy back. But it’s still one of my favorite jack off techniques and it’s definitely a staple while in the shower. While I’m under the shower, I spread my fingers and strong my “guy” tip as fast as possible while using my other hand to hold the base. Keeping the hand at the base helps it stay straight and stable. It’s a freakin’ awesome way to ejaculate!”

– Brian/41

Massage to ejaculate

“ I have to admit, this is an incredible way to orgasm. I use warm oils and get my penis ready to slip and slide in my hands. I’ve used olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil (found it my girlfriend’s cabinet. There’s something amazing about sliding your hands up and down your oily penis while enjoying a hot girl on girl oil show.”

– Jon/33

Banana rub

“ I had never tried fruit but bananas appealed to me. After all, they’re soft and the banana peel is good for you. So wtf not? I remove the banana and insert my banana into the peel. Then I rub myself until ejaculation. When I told a camgirl this in Private Chat, she was eating a banana in just the right way…I just imagined ejaculating into her mouth. This feels freakin’ awesome and you’re balls will smell good too. ”

– Josh/28

The handy sock

“ I’ve always wanted a fleshlight, but damn they’re pricey. So, I found a guy recommend this alternative. It’s not an automatic jack off, but hey it feels pretty damn good. So take a soft long sock and coat it with some lube. The better the slide, the better the glide. When you ejaculate, the feeling is out of this world. This is simple, no mess masturbation hack you can do anywhere.”

– Nathan/23