3 New Mind-Blowing Masturbation Techniques for More Intense Orgasms

Ah, male masturbation. There’s nothing better than coming home, grabbing an ice cold beer, and enjoying some sexual extracurricular activities. You know…some quality solo time catching up with your fav camgirls while you rev up, whack the weed, and let out a good release.

What a relaxing way to end the day, right? You betcha! But…

The only thing is…masturbating the same way every single time can get kinda boring right? It’s like doing missionary position… on the bed… for the hundredth billion time.

Getting off the same way every single freakin’ time gets old after a while. You know…

But trying different masturbation styles and experimenting can amazingly crank things up – especially while you’re watching live porn. Don’t worry, we’re not going to give some crazy yoga gymnastics masturbation tips guys!

But hey, a few tweaks here and there can lead to new intensities for better sexual pleasure. Not to mention, interesting and racey requests for Camversity girls to fulfill. (Surely these sexual goddesses  can play out exactly what you want.)

So next time you’re freely chatting with Camversity models, try including these techniques in your go-to wanking moves.

Intense Male Masturbation Techniques

1. Switch up positions

Are you sitting every time you masturbate? Switch it up! Try masturbating standing up or lying down for a change.

When you’re standing, try leaning back up against a wall or kitchen counter and pushing your hips forward to get it going! If you find this works, get a standing desk so you can type and get it on with your favorite model.

Lying down brings comfort and more angles for your masturbating ways. You can access different parts and stroke around different erogenous regions close to your penis. Feel around nearby areas and see what intensifies your sensation.  

2. Explore more erogenous zones

Not uncommonly, your penis gets all the limelight when you masturbate. The rest of your body parts tend to be forgotten. Your entire body is full of erogenous zones – the tops of your thighs, nipples, and your sacrum, a small region on your back.

Next time you’re turned on sex chatting, try stimulating those areas to wake up more senses. Take it slow, and let your hands start from your chest, play with your nipples, then work your way to finding that sweet spot on your thighs. Think like when a chick touches you…those erogenous spots that get the juices flowing.

Tip – Camgirls love hearing how turned on you get from them. And of course, what you’re doing to yourself before you finish up. Feeling “on” right now? See what Camversity girls are online right now.   

3. Try “edging”’

There’s no question that you want to reach the big O. But just holding off a bit could help you get to a heightened state of pleasure – and a MUCH better orgasm.

So try this next time you’re sex talking with a camgirl and she’s playing out your sex fantasy…and you want to release – DON’T do it. Don’t let it happen (just yet).

Masturbate until you are on the very edge of ejaculating – AND forcefully stop. Then, go back to masturbating again and let yourself fully release to the max. This technique is popularly known as “edging,” and some guys say it works like a freakin’ charm.

By delaying ejaculation, you’re heightening arousal and creating intense sexual friction in your body. What you could feel are more contractions in your pelvis which creates an explosive sexual effect.  Online sex shouldn’t be a “wham bam thank you, mam,” thing. It can feel just as intense and stimulating as the real thing.

Now, go give these tips and go. Feel free to add your own creative masturbation tips in the comments below! Have a freakin’ orgasmic time guys!

Wanna try out these techniques?

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