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5 Social Media tips in 2019 to ALWAYS keep in mind.

Social media has become one of those useful and powerful outlets for news, entertainment, and business. Whether you’re new to the social media vortex or half a decade into it and thriving, we can all agree on one thing, it sure can get overwhelming at times. These few tips can help increase the number of likes/shares and tweets your page receives, which in turn will help your awareness and fan base grow.

– Engagement.

Ask questions or ask your followers to share stories or information they find interesting to encourage engagement. People like to know that you value their thoughts and opinions. The best way to create an engaged community is to, you know, engage! Ask your followers how their day is going. Take a photo of what you’re working on and ask them for their opinions. Share about your upcoming summer trip and see if your followers are headed anywhere, too. Anything to get them talking. It may feel a little awkward at first, but just go for it, friend! You’ll be surprised at how many people will reply.

– Find a niche.

A Niche (specifically on social media) is the target audience of your account. it’s no different from the actual business term. … Niches are important and successful if they are authentic, not just posts of curated content, but with feelings and connective engagement attached, I mean well written captions. Learn your fans. what grabs their attention, and gets more engagement. In the beginning it will be hard to zero in on your “niche” , but also it’s fun to test various things out, different vibes/looks with your posts. Eventually you will see a pattern of what is getting you results, so double down on that.

– Crumbs Trail.

Look for posts that you find interesting and then like and comment on them to help draw clicks to your page. Follow hashtags, pages, and like-minded individuals in your industry. Always be assertive and upbeat with your comments and shares, make people want to come over to your page and hit that follow button. And always be looking forward, some days you’ll be getting a great return, some days you wont. 

– Branding.

Have a big picture/vision with your content, meaning try to have a unified theme/look you follow and stay true to. IF you’re a niche specific business or person, this applies to you two folds.

– Consistency.

this one probably being the most important of all… We crave instant gratification, but especially as a new player into the game, you will not see results right away. It takes time to grow, but your content is what will be your validation, follow a schedule. don’t skimp on quality content. And keep the ball rolling, even if your motivation isn’t.


Keep in mind gaining traction on social media doesn’t happen overnight. In all reality, building a solid following and foundation is more of a marathon than a sprint. But once you hit that finish line, cash can be rolling in with every like on your Posts’.