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BasicallyAsh, but there’s alot more to her than just ass.

A Camversity Production


Born & Raised in Sin City, Ashley wouldn’t see it any other way, she loves Vegas and all its might.  The very energetic, personable, and wild dancing feature for this week is non other than Ashley  . Ashley sure is unique, to say the least. This month marks her 5th year of being vegan, with an accomplished degree in marketing, a licensed veterinarian and surgery specialist, mom to 2 wonderful pugs, and a real estate agent by day. Ashley really does it all.



She first started modeling at about 19/20 and continued on and off for a years. She was inspired by a model that she saw then and wanted to try it. She wasn’t successful right off the bat, mostly because she wasn’t fully committed and was in and out of relationships that weren’t comfortable with it but it was always in the back of her head. Then around September of 2018, she was going through a breakup and wanted to keep her mind off it. She ended up falling in love with the job and fully committing to it, she hasn’t looked back since, and  it’s been  “extremely rewarding and fun!”


Her username isn’t “BasicallyAsh” for nothing… She is a petite, small framed girl, who’s all ‘Ash’ (ass). But she’s known for a bit more. Her chatrooms are always super chill, warm, and welcoming too. She loves meeting new people and creating bonds/connections. It forces her to be creative and she personally said  “it has helped me come out of my shell because believe it or not I’m extremely shy and have super bad social anxiety but it’s benefited me in so many ways!”

Yes, she’s a Vegas girl, so of course she’s done her fair share of clubbing and partying. But her hobbies also include getting out, going on hikes, taking the kayak out to the river. Like most locals there, they keep themselves quite busy and far away from the strip. As much as she likes getting dolled up and going out, you’ll find Ashley 99% of the time, poolside getting her bronze on.


Though she has had her hands full recently, she’s definitely had a few destinations marked for travel. Some of those include; Japan, Capri, Amalfi, Maldives, and London. You might want to open up that topic next time you catch her in the chat room.


Ash, above all loves a guy who’s laid back, chill, doesn’t take life too seriously, but is Caring enough and attentive. She’s a goofball at home, so she’s going to want somebody to keep up with that energy. Now if you have all that, with a row of nice white pearls, a great smile, covered with a mane beard…. Come to the front of the line. Just for god’s sake, don’t be a complainer or pansy.


Catch much more of Ashley Live on her Camversity room. If you’d like to keep with her after hours, or to know when her next show comes on, follow her on twitter! Be sure to sleep on this starlet!