Camversity Girls



A Camveristy Production

Started her modeling journey at 21 years old, based out of the sunshine state.. it’s Sammi Grey!

Now, at 24, Sammi has nothing but great things to say about her business. She’s long ways from where she started. With a personality made for this, Miss Grey is nothing but great energy, all smiles, extremely sexual, and loves connecting with others. It was no shock she was an instant hit.

As a full time model, You’ll see plenty of her on Camversity. And to stay in the loop with show times, new content, and her updates via her Twitter.


Unlike most girls, Sammi had quite the funny start up story. About 3 weeks into it… she confessed to her best friend about her recent new venture. Well luck would have it, her best friend turned out to be non other than, Lauren Vickers. Who was a few years into the game already. They both instantly connected the dots and took their friendship to a whole other level.

One of her favorite experiences was when her and Lauran were apart of a GG video together. She said the energy and lust she felt in front a camera was one of the best days of her life. Aside from the exciting and naughty world of Cam Modeling, Sammi also loves to cook. She says its one of her biggest passions, she wants the hardest recipes she can find.

” I love a good sense of humor, especially when it falls in line with mine & you can keep feeding off each other. ” -Miss Grey. Want to gain her interest, it’s simple guys, be real and be funny. oh, and don’t skip leg day… The gun show is old school, have some cut tree trunks legs and she’ll do a look back no problem. And IF you smoothed your way into a date, Keep it simple and chill. Grab a drink or two to get loose. Be personable, charming, and yourself. If the vibe is there, its there. Take her to watch the sunset on the beach, walk barefoot on the sand… and who knows what else could happen under the stars.