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how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally

Simple Trick to Cure ED and Stay Harder Without Pills

Guys, there comes a point in man’s life – even if your healthy – where your manhood goes downhill. There’s an inability to perform in bed and keep an erection at its peak. Okay, it might not be life-threatening but…it’s embarrassing AF and insanely frustrating.

Just imagine how you feel when you can’t keep your pal up for a girl…total ego destruction to your manliness. After all, the penis is the symbol of manhood, pride, and naturally masculinity.

The primal purpose of this organ, as perceived by most men, is to enjoy sexual satisfaction. Be that with a hot partner or solo play. Either way, most men use their ‘tool’ for heightened sexual pleasure.

Think about this…A small penis, if it’s functioning, is better than one that can’t hold an erection. Erectile Dysfunction (also referred to as ED) is a secret that men don’t want to talk openly yet they seek treatment in private.

What exactly causes erectile dysfunction

Medical researches enumerated many factors including hypertension or high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, excessive alcohol and drug intake, antidepressant medications. However, psychological factors like relationship issues, depression and stress are some of the main culprits.

Any man can experience erectile dysfunction at any age. This is an issue man, and his partner, should not take likely.

How to treat erectile dysfunction

There are medical treatments that your doctor can prescribe including therapy and oral pills like Viagra. Herbal Teas and plant supplement also promise to bring back the glory of your manhood to its full potential. Trying those options is up to you. You might be aware that some causes side effects or you may opt to choose a natural “remedy” to ED.

If you’re open-minded to trying an ‘”new” erectile dysfunction remedy without side effects, keep on reading below.

Best “medicine” for erectile dysfunction without side effects

Looking for a simple trick to cure ed? Well here’s an erectile dysfunction cure exercise. You can try a more subtle and natural way, which you didn’t ever consider. Sex research shows this exercise improves ED and acts as a natural alternative, while also promoting great health-related benefits.

Remember, the overall goal is to reduce stress because that kills your hard on. So, the more you stress about getting it up…the more failed attempts. So, just like anything, make sure you do this exercise 3-4 times a week to help get your hard on faster.

Start by easing all your stress away, by relaxing and stroking yourself gently. Practicing on yourself different masturbation techniques will help relieve that pressure to get it erect. One secret tip, that’s on the hush-hush, is enjoying yourself with a non-contact sexual encounter (thanks digital world). Hear it out, because it’s been scientifically proven to wake up your man member pretty damn fast.

With a non-contact sex partner…there is no pressure for you to make it and keep it hard. Sexy video chat is an interactive way that gets you sexually engaged with someone WITHOUT physical contact.

Although this is through your phone or pc, it’s a totally different experience than just watching porn. Porn can be make-believe and doesn’t engage you or stimulate you properly to help erectile dysfunction. But real-time sex chat interaction is stimulation on another level and it builds your skills when the physical time comes again with a partner. Therefore, helping your manhood get up through actual sexual engagement.

Side note – Sex cams can make you a better lover, hook up, or whatever involves another person. So, you discover that exciting secret trigger that gets you turned on and then slay it in the bedroom.

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Imagine talking to the erotic goddess Sandra (photo above) and letting her ignite your sexual thoughts without any physical contact? Would you feel less pressure about getting your manhood up when you’re “suppose” to? Stay relaxed, let your juices flow, and get that blood pumping. Live sex could be your easy answer and a simple exercise for your ED or inability to get hard. This could be a cure that works for you and saves you from frustration and bright embarrassment the next time you hook up with a girl.

Trying online cam chat, you can choose a girl with your interests. There are lots of online cam girls on Camversity to choose from. If you’re unsure, you may opt to start with non-nudes chat then try hardcore. Just the same, you are relaxing psychologically by experiencing sex with a partner yet there is no pressure on your penis to perform.

Other creative erectile dysfunction helpers

To maintain an erection during a sexual performance, cock rings and penis pumps are used by some men. These rings keep you hard by “trapping” the blood in your penis. They can be painful for some and difficult to put on and off your tool. Penis pumps, on the other hand, acting like a vacuum pull and forces the blood flow into your penis making it larger and stiff. As mentioned, these are helpers and sex toys that could help get you hard faster, but not a permanent cure. It’s good to give them a try while you are masturbating or with your partner. But it’s not an exercise that will fix ED for good.

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