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Learn all about the lovely LilyBelle 🦋

“I’m very definitely a woman and I enjoy it!” – Marilyn Monroe

With her pin-up perfect looks and bubbly, energetic personality, the gorgeously glam LilyBelle is a true Camversity Girl! Members and new fans are falling hard for LilyBelle and we are, too! From body painting to dancing to chatting on the latest movies and music in her room, the beautiful LilyBelle is a creative at heart, on and off camera.

When she’s not expressing herself on camera, LilyBelle is a busy student, working toward a degree in English Literature. A lover of reading & writing, most of her days, she’s in the middle of a book or writing an essay she recently took home 2nd place in her school’s writing competition! If you’re looking for a book recommendation, she cites “Lolita,” by Vladamir Nabokov as one of her favorites. “I think Nabokov’s way of storytelling is absolutely poetic.”

Coffee, texting friends and walks with her little Maltese Poodle, Roxy, are musts in her daily routine! “I’ve had Roxy since I was 7 and she’s now 15 years old. She’s the love of my life and my members absolutely adore her on camera – they call her the star of the show!”

LilyBelle & Roxy, her Maltese Poodle

What you see is what you get with LilyBelle! This Camversity Girl loves to fully be herself in her room – sweet & dorky, as she puts it! You can almost always find her dancing  and if she puts on a hip-hop bop, you’ll know she’s really feeling it!

Speaking of hip-hop, she shared her secret talent with us: rapping! She’s down to spit a few rhymes on camera and her members even gave her her own rapper name: “Lil Y.” Just give this pretty wordsmith a beat and she’s on one!

Now imagine this… LilyBelle covered in paint, ready to create a canvas from her curves! Well, she did just that (check out the pic below ;), LIVE in her room! She adores painting and recently did another painting performance, painting her own body up with a beautiful butterfly. This artist doesn’t just stick to paint, she’s also gifted with makeup and as a former makeup pro, she knows what just what to experiment with for lots of different looks, especially around Halloween!

LilyBelle all painted up, live on Camversity!

Speaking of the spookiest time of the year, LilyBelle is a die-hard (hehe) horror fan! Some of the blood-curdling classics on her list include The Strangers, Halloween, The Exorcist and The Shining. All work and no play definitely makes this Camversity Girl scream!

Concerts, hiking, collecting crystals, reading, and shopping are some of Lily’s hobbies as well as surfing, especially with her Dad. Among Lily’s five tattoos, the one that means the most is the tattoo on her inner arm, “I love you” in her Dad’s handwriting. As she told us, “I think tattoos are a nice way of expressing yourself and who you are as a person.”

Celebrating with a bottle of her favorite Rosé & spinning some roulette, LilyBelle recently rang in her 23rd birthday in style, making it a memorable one with her members live on Camversity! As she told us, Camversity is the reason she started live streaming. “I got into camming because I wanted to be a part of Camversity. I love how Camversity is a site run by women, made for women, and I feel empowered to be a part of such an amazing online community.”

Lily continued, giving us her perspective, one in which we and many Camversity models, share right along with her! “The most important thing I’ve learned from being on camera and in this industry is to not let the judgement of others affect how I feel about myself. I’m proud of my body and I believe women should be able to show it off should they choose to. My sexuality makes me feel empowered as a woman.” Lily went on further, “I am here to say that women can be sexual AND talented. Naked AND dignified. It is our choice.” Hear, hear!

LilyBelle’s goals for 2019 include more opportunities for self expression, especially through art. Next up on her to-do list, lots more pin-up modeling and dipping her toe into the burlesque waters!

Va-va-voom, she’s sure to be a bombshell! LilyBelle is already bringing it this year and we can’t wait to see what more is in store for this Camversity Girl!

So come see what’s swell with LilyBelle live in her room!

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