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Making time with Camversity’s creative cutie, Maya Mae

The gorgeous MayaMae_x captures more than a few hearts when she’s live on Camversity! Easygoing, super friendly and adorably sexy, Maya is all about having fun and sharing lots of laughs, but she especially loves connecting with friends and new visitors. True to herself, she follows her own advice to models – find something you love, do that and it will bring out the best in you. Take our advice, spend some time in Maya’s room and you’ll see she’s the real deal.

In touch with her silly side – her favorite of her five tattoos is the mustache tattoo on her finger which, as she puts it, “reminds me to not take life so seriously and be silly!” – Maya is also seriously into art. She enjoys working in many different art forms, but her favorites include painting, drawing and tattooing as well as dance.

A tattoo artist, Maya has inked her own body twice – a moon on her left arm and two beloved Studio Ghibli characters on her thigh – showcasing her love of anime, especially Ghibli films. She has recently been experimenting with “pour painting,” which uses a mixture of different techniques. The real question now is what doesn’t she do?!

Music is another one of Maya’s passions. From 80’s to oldies to house, Maya listens to it all and it shows when she’s dancing live, this Camversity girl really knows how to move! And when her cat, Osiris, is in the mood, he’ll make an appearance and join her on cam in front of her adoring friends. Variety is the spice of life, so they say, and Maya mixes it up – most of her unforgettable moments come from her surprise chance card game in which viewers get to see her in some very, very silly situations. But, alas, our lips are sealed. You’ll have to watch her live to find more!

Streaming is near and dear to Maya’s heart. A friend sparked her curiosity and Maya fell hard for the camera. She found out about Camversity through Instagram and as she puts it, “everything has fallen into place and it’s been good times ever since I joined!”

Maya’s goals for this year include streaming live with another Camversity model, find new areas to hike and cook up more vegan recipes! 2019 will also bring Maya’s One Year Anniversary with Camversity on June 6th – count us in to join the fun and celebrate the talented, the darling, the lovely Maya Mae!

You never know what surprises you’ll find live in Maya Mae’s room! Come interact creatively when you join Maya Mae’s circle of friends! To catch her live on Camversity, click here: Maya Mae_x

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Instagram: @MayaMae_x