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Marking her 10 Year Anniversary, We’d like to present Lauran Vickers

A Camversity Production


All the way from Florida, USA… Camversity’s feature is none other than Lauran Vickers. She’s attractive, sexual deviant, and quite the personality. What you might not know about Mrs. Vickers, is that, she just entered an astonishing 10th year in the Cam Modeling world.


She started back in 2009, she was a full time student, working a part time job. She was struggling, unsupported paying her way thru school and life. One of Lauran’s friends knew her personality, and suggested she’d be perfect for this and could make great money. She didn’t believe it, but she gave it a shot. She still thought it was all a fake ploy, until she received her 2nd check. She immediately quit her job and dove head first into being a full time model.



Aside from Lauran’s many talents she’s actually a very caring, down to earth, and loving human being. She takes the time to get personal with her fans and genuinely feels for all. She’s open minded and attentive to what’s going on, has plenty of life experience. So nothing gets past her… So keep the BS to a minimum. fellas.


Her positive mindset definitely will turn you on instantly, one of those girls that just brightens your day with her smile. In 10 years, she has nothing but positive things to say. She’s always grateful she took that step forward in her life, because this has made her more confident, savvy with her business, and concise of her health and physical shape.



Lauran truly does it all, On top of currently working full time, she’s a wife, mom, and entrepreneur. She runs a business with her family out of her town in Florida. When she’s not working she enjoys spending the day in a bikini, toes in the warm sandy beaches of her favorite coast. She moved from New England to Florida for that exact purpose. She fell in love with the 305, the second she got there, Lauran’s vibe & personality fit into the Miami life perfectly. Her next travel destination will be Greece so if any of you fans live out there or have any advice on visiting, be sure to let her know.

Aside from her exquisite solo shows, Mrs. Vickers does a lot of duet work with her long time work colleague and real-life best friend Samantha Grey. They actually have a great story of how it all started, after 5 years of being very good friends Lauran finally decided to tell her what she does, after keeping it a secret for their entire friendship. Samantha’s reaction was relieving and comforting. A couple weeks later, Samantha confessed to Lauran, she herself joined Camversity to model as well, that made Lauren’s jaw drop and extremely excited. Ever since then, they have done many shows together, plenty to check out on Camversity! They have a cool schedule, where bi-monthly they do a themed nights together on Sam’s account! Some of the themes are 80s, 90s, Star Wars, The Office, and more! They vibe great, both are very sexy and  have a lot in common!

If you don’t follow her yet, Mrs. Vickers keeps her followers entertained. She’s always on Camversity, has a private Snapchat, and can keep up with her day to day via Twitter.