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MistressAthena is a goddess among us

Dominating hearts and climbing up the Camversity Top 25 charts, Camversity’s ethereal beauty, MistressAthena, is much more than just a gorgeous sight to behold. Worship and adore her inside her Camversity temple any night of the week and you’ll understand how fans are entranced by her dual nature – outgoing, bubbly, and sweet while also able to tap into her “dom” side, upon request, of course.


“Fans are always shocked when I turn into MistressAthena!” She told us her name came from a silly joke given to her by a slave which she ended up falling in love with. IRL, MistressAthena is sweet and actually submissive, but loves to catch fans off guard when she turns up the intensity as a dominatrix.


Her very first orgasm, from a sexual experience with a well known BDSM pornstar, opened up a whole new world for MistressAthena. Through discovering the beauty of domination, after a vanilla relationship, she was able to find out what truly satisfies her. Athena told us that most of the time on cam, she is dorky and cute, but definitely loves it when her room brings out her hardcore side.


11 snakes, 2 geckos, 1 tortoise, a cat, and 2 dogs, oh my! A true animal lover, MistressAthena has a full house to take care of on the daily. Snakekeeping is her ultimate hobby and there isn’t a snake she doesn’t love. And as if you needed another reason to love her, Athena loves rescuing animals. As she puts it, “taking care of my animals and giving them the best life takes up most of my time!”


A music lover as well,  Athena’s all time favorite band is Dance Gavin Dance and one of her favorite songs is Trace the Lines by A Lot Like Birds – each lyric gives her goosebumps, in the best way!



Athena keeps in touch with her spiritual side through daily yoga and crystal collecting. She has over 80 crystals in her collection and was drawn to the practice as a beautiful way of healing in dealing with overpowering mental illness. It’s easy to see how open Athena is with a visit to her room on Camversity – she adores getting to know every visitor to her room and finding out how their day is going. A bad day will become a good day from a chat with MistressAthena.


“Spinning my incredibly lewd wheel or offering sexy JOI in private are some of my favorite activities in my room,” she told us. A natural on cam, Athena has turned her love of dancing in front of the mirror & pretending she’s trying out for American Idol into performing LIVE for viewers all over the world. Twerking is always a welcome request and when we asked her about her favorite toy, she mentioned a realistic dildo a fan just bought for her. “It’s suction is powerful enough for my shower door!”

Brina!” When we asked Athena who was her Camversity crush, a model she looked up to and admired, the lovely Brina was Athena’s! “I’ve been a fan for a long time, following her on social media for years and she is the reason I joined Camversity. I aspire to be amazing as she is!” Athena’s goals for 2019 are to join the Top 10 and to continue growing her fanbase, getting to know her beloved fans even better!

So gaze upon the amazing, awe-inspiring MistressAthena LIVE in her Camversity temple! 

Ccome worship her beauty, take orders on how to please her…or just chat about your day! ❤️

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