Why its 100% OKAY to masturbate if you’re in a relationship

Should Men be Masturbating Without Their Partner?

Is there any other way? JUST KIDDING…it’s not the only reason it’s acceptable for men to masturbate while you’re in a relationship. Whether you’ve been with your girlfriend, fiance, or wife for decades or even just a month, the urge for solo play is there. Men masturbating alone surprisingly comes with many health and sexual benefits that you’ve probably never known about.

Have you been molded to think that playing your flute is ONLY okay when you’re single? Well, that’s a BIG FAT misconception that needs to be removed from your minds, friends.

Tons of men (and women) in short AND long-term relationships reserve some solo play time and have sexual fantasies. Better masturbation could tremendously improve your sex life as you’ll learn why below.

Seriously though – there’s no reason to hide masturbating. It’s 100% natural. And “assistants” like webcam models and live porn are pure playful fantasy that makes for a much better masturbation session.  Not to mention, fapping and fantasy come with tons of benefits that partners should appreciate, LIKE HOTTER SEX for one.

So let’s get into it. Here are five reasons why it’s okay for men to masturbate if you’re in a relationship ( and why it’s a MUST DO activity):

#1 It’s HOT AF

Sometimes, you want to unplug from your relationship. Something like a mini-timeout for yourself, but not to cheat. Your safest and best option would be to masturbate to a fantasy girl ( or cam girl, as we see it). Haven’t you ever gotten off to sexual thoughts of your fav celebrity babe? Or some hot chick you saw at CVS? Be honest. Every-freakin’ one of us has compelling sexual thoughts about another chick. That’s fantasy friends!

So why not have a show webcam girl perform a hot show that turns you on? Enjoy the virtual anal play, double penetration, girl on girl action… undoubtedly you can continue the list. Also, once you’re comfortable, you could also show your partner what you’re sexually interested in trying with her. Remember, better masturbation plus better communication boosts self-satisfaction from your partner.

#2 It Helps Sexual Fantasies

Sound familiar? When alone, it’s very common that we have a eureka moment of sexual activities we want to try with our woman. Masturbating lets us tune into our hidden and unspoken fantasies outside the architecture of the relationship.

Imagine watching your sexual fantasy be played out while you are rubbing away. You’re watching your naughty thoughts being performed by a sexy webcam girl in real-time. That’s your special session to let your dirty thoughts soar and experience (virtually) just about anything.

And the best part? No need to be shy about asking for that deep hot fantasy you want. Webcam girls are all about giving you shows that leave you feeling like you’ve gone to heaven and back. Now, that’s getting the ultimate masturbating experience gentlemen.

It might not be your partner initially, but you could learn new sexual ways just by experiencing that webcam girl online making you hot and hard. Then take what you’ve learned and put it on the table for your partner. 


Source: pleated-jeans.com

#3 It’s Self-Care

We take the time to groom and work out – so men, simply add masturbation to your regular self-care routine. Research shows that it’s incredibly beneficial to our physical and mental well being, such as a better sex drive, more energy, lower stress, to name a few. Feeling good, thus, results in a better relationship with your other half.

The big O is the best drug for men masturbation. When you orgasm, you release the most significant dose of natural dopamine in your body. That is that feel-good chemical release along with oxytocin that makes you feel like you just had the best chocolate fudge cake ever. 

“An orgasm is the biggest non-drug blast of dopamine available… [it] releases feel-good neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin that lift your spirits, boost your satisfaction, and activate the reward circuits in your brain,” Gloria Brame, Ph.D, told Psychology Today.

#4 It’s Faster Than Intercourse

You’re horny and in the mood. But it’s getting late, and your partner is too tired for some of that late night sexy play time. Masturbation to the rescue! You open your phone or laptop, find some fun live sex shows with camgirls, chit-chat a bit, and get the deed done. You feel relieved and ready to rest well. How’s is that for a quickie?

Think about it. In this way, you don’t feel unsatisfied sexually, nor did you stay up too late, and you didn’t disturb your tired girlfriend. You also didn’t masturbate completely alone either – it’s a win-win situation! So for those looking for a better masturbation session that’s faster than intercourse, webcam girls are an excellent choice.

#5 It’s 100 Percent NOT Cheating

Let’s put this bluntly. Cheating is when there is physical ACTUAL sex happening with another person behind your back. The emphasis on the “another person” because that person should not be there when you’re masturbating – not including fantasies. Men masturbating to sexual fantasies and unspoken desires is acceptable!

You are free to do whatever you want to your own body. That also includes having dirty thoughts and fantasies while you’re jacking off. So if you’re the type that likes putting a face to the fantasy, webcam girl porn can be a fantastic visual. Plus, there’s the perk of a live sexual demonstration, so not everything is left to the imagination.

Again, webcam girls and live porn are fantasy; they’re not there having sex with you.  Glad that’s clear!

There’s Nothing Wrong With Men Masturbating While in a Relationship

Whoever opposes to jacking off is crazy, even more so in a relationship. There is nothing wrong with men masturbating within a relationship, and it’s proven to have tons of benefits besides the ones listed above.

You hurt absolutely no one by getting it on by yourself! So whether you’re in a relationship or not, it’s okay to play it alone and have a good time. Be creative and update your self-care routine with some quality play time. Want to give it try? Come play with Camversity webcam girls any time of the day.