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Performing on multiple platforms

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Camversity allows you to earn more money by splitting between multiple sites. You might be wondering what is “splitting” or “splitcam”? Splitcam or cam-splitting is the use of special software that “splits the webcam feed”, allowing you to cam on multiple sites at the same time. Its like cloning yourself and working multiple jobs at the same time.


How do I start ?

In order to get started, you’ll first need splitting software. There’s many different camsplitting software out there. Some offer free versions while others are premium. Each of the splitters has different features. We did some research for you and these are 3 camsplitting software options worth checking out.

1. ManyCam (Free & Premium)

2. Splitcam (Free)

3. Soft Service (Premium)



When cam-splitting, you will have to manage multiple sites at once. It is important to check on the chatrooms and stay engaged with potential customers making sure you are giving attention to everyone on all sites. Another tip is to leave a free chat stream running that is not very active while simultaneously performing live in a paid chat on a different camsite. You can use the first few minutes as a tease and a way to attract the other viewers into joining a private session. We hope these tips help you get started cam-splitting and earning more :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: