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5 Proven Ways to Avoid Losing Your Cool on a Member

Have you ever received a comment from a member that was rude, hurtful, and uncalled for? Your first reaction may be to retaliate. You want to say something just as hurtful right back in front everyone in your room.

But it’s a bad idea. Is it worth making yourself look evil? Is it worth losing members that aren’t feeling the vibe of your attitude because you lost it? Is it worth losing tips? NO it’s not!

Keeping your cool is being professional. You should never let them get under your skin… but if you’re ever just about to lose your sh*t on someone…DON’T.  You’re human and it can happen in any job regardless of your industry.

5 Proven Ways on How Not to Lose Your Temper on a Member

#1 Stand up for yourself

There’s no reason to lose your sh*t over a member acting like a troll. These guys shouldn’t really annoy you since it’s happening only on the internet and you don’t personally know them. If you have enough of someone or something, you can just say: “Please stop doing that”, “That was awful what you just wrote, I don’t wish to chat with you again”, etc.

Feel confident standing up for yourself but be professional. It’s okay to put rude members in their place or report them and then MOVE ON. Being a doormat is not good and you should take control of your room’s activities. A member should respect your room rules, you as a performer, and the site’s rules.

There could be more rude members around the corner, so be prepared. Camversity does its best to drive the best quality traffic to the site by being picky about allowed members. But, there may be even good tipping members that are not nice for some reason. Don’t let the web get to you. Be professional, clear your mind from negativity, and entertain more great members.

#2 Don’t give them what they want

You don’t need that stress and toxic energy in your body.  So better let’s learn to be smarter than them… not easy but worth it. The beauty of being a webcam model is being able to create your room’s atmosphere. You don’t have to justify why you don’t like a rude member who is being impolite or rude towards you.

Some members want to see your reaction and fire you up with anger. But is it worth losing your cool? You have a full room of members, and there could be one or two not being respectful. Why destroy your earning potential when you could simply ignore them? By not acknowledging their harsh or mean comments, you’re not feeding their fire. Therefore, not disrupting your room’s atmosphere and your fans that have come to have fun and tip you. No one wants to stick around in a room that’s bad vibes. So be wise and don’t give trolls your time.  

#3 Choose words carefully.

One thing that almost all cam models love about this work, is the control they have. In forums, many girls talk about how such trolls have helped them learn to control their anger. Even become wiser at dealing with people.

Now, when you’re about to slash back – think twice. Choose your words carefully before reacting. These kind of troll members want to get on your nerves and will die for you to negatively react. So, keep calm and keep a relaxed face. Depending on the situation, you can block that annoying member in a matter of seconds. But NEVER let that member ruin your vibe. If you feel upset, just place emphasis back on your group of fans who love interacting with you and get them to chat more. Refresh the room energy and get back to those you appreciate you.

#4 Smile and move on

The world isn’t all butterflies and fairy dust, right? Neither is the online world. There may be trolls that come to break up your sunshine. The online realm is no different than working in the real world if you think about it. Have you ever worked a service job? Bartended? Waitressed? Customer support? There are customers that are rude and try to make you feel bad. This could happen even online, but what’s better working on Camveristy than another job? You don’t have to accept it. You have the power to dismiss that member and not acknowledge him.

Being a camgirl comes with establishing your own room rules. There are some rules in your Model Agreement but the way members treat you is up to you. So instead of letting members ruin your day and hinder your earnings, just let that member go. If you have 200 users in your room, and one is being rude, just keep smiling. Pay attention to your other loving fans and let that indecent member feel your coldness. You may look like a b*tch to one person, but your whole fanbase will see how maturely you handle things.

#5 Simply ignore

The member that just sits there and watches won’t be the last of his kind. These “hanging around” types will come and go and sometimes not participate politely.  These kinds of members will try a trigger or two to get a reaction from you, so keep cool. Relax and let them be, and keep your control.

Sometimes, you’ll be surprised that members who you’d never expect to take to your private will at some point. In the end, you have control of your room. So if it gets out of hand and it’s irritating your room vibe, you have the ability to block him. So no reason to get angry when you have the driver’s wheel!

It’s hard not to take someone’s behavior personally, but realize something important. There is something wrong with a person who gets off on making others feel horrible, especially to total strangers. It’s better to just feel sorry for them as they are probably miserable in their real life.