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She’s naughty, she’s nice, the all natural Natasha Noel.

A Production

\Natasha Noel! One of Camversity’s up and coming starlets, you wont regret keeping an eye on her. At only 20 years old, Miss Noel has a few assets that can surely hypnotize, mesmerize, and perhaps even surprise.  Aside from her full time cam modeling, Natasha is an avid gamer, who may just give you a run for your money. We would tell you what platform and game she’s on, but we think its better if you check her out on Camversity, and ask her yourself.


Nat is a cutie with booty, but not a force to be reckoned with, she has 0 tolerance for disrespect. get on her bad side and you’ll quickly feel the sweet justice of the ban hammer.. She does model full time, various hours, and always keeps things spicy. She’ll be sure to cure your boredom. to keep up with her schedule we recommend giving her a follow on Camversity and her TwitterInstagram. And be sure to stay connected, because she has big dreams of working up to becoming the best version of herself she can be!



Like most of us, Natasha loves to travel but of all the places in the world, her current favorite is Sin City. Believe it or not she actually met up with a few fans when she was out there last, so stay persistent boys, you just never know. But don’t be a douche around her, that will get you nixed immediately, be respectful and treat her like a woman. Whether thats online or in person.

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