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The down to earth & full of life starlet…. Kylie!

This week we sat down and got to know the chill, fun loving, laid back sweetheart … Kylie! Way ahead of her age, Kylie holds herself to a high standard and presents it so. She turns 20 at the end of this year, but she had us fooled. Goals, aspirations, and a bucket list are all things you would expect a 19 year old to be have, we thought she was closer to turning 30 than 20.



She once had a regular full time job… keyword; once. She hated having a boss, following a program, and someone constantly telling her what to do. She figured that out early on, and committed to modeling full time since. Her goofy personality, wholesome heart, and good energy wasn’t meant to be constricted to an office. Even tho she does technically work full time for herself now, she is much happier with that. Especially since she balances it with the rest of her life so well.



Kylie does have a solid head on her shoulders, she has short term and long term goals, and putting in the work to achieve them. Her short term goal is to buy her own house and car, and have no outstanding debts. Long term, she wants to open a business with her sister and mother. A one stop shop beauty parlor, where Kylie can showcase her passion for make-up, nails, hair, and the rest of the cosmetology world.



One of her favorite experiences since she started modeling was when she met her favorite fan ‘Kingoftherock47’ . fast forward some time, They are now loyal best friends, who built a great bond that all stemmed from a simple chat room.


She doesn’t have the craziest set of hobbies in the world, but she does what makes her happy. Most of all, Kylie loves to cook, she’s great at it too… Her other hobbies include reading, movies, music, and quality time with the family. She’s planning on starting a cooking vlog, with recipes, tips, and more!



Travel wise, Kylie’s next destination is the hot desserts of Egypt. She’s is an avid fan of the Egyptian culture and history. She was a total nerd back in grade school when they would study Egyptian history. She finds it so fascinating she actually has an inspired Nefertiti tattoo. Kylie believes the best way to keep your body in shape, is to keep it working… on food. Her favorite foods are Italian and Chinese cuisine. More specifically, her all time favorite meal is Carbonara!