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The Era of Premium Snapchat

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Im sure we’ve all come across a post or two of some model promoting her “Premium Snapchat”. What does that mean and what does it entail. Users who solicit this service range all the way from college girls trying to make a few extra bucks for school supplies to adult models and webcam models adding an extra stream of income. 

Even tho most women don’t solely rely on Snapchat as their only outlet for content or as a main source of income. It still requires a little elbow grease before you find your pattern. But once you have a routine, you just follow it and produce specific content for your fans, even tho Most adult actresses use snapchat to connect with their fans in an unfiltered way. Premium content has no guidelines it can be anything from daily life updates, nudes, masturbation videos to full on sexual content.

Molding New Grounds

Premium is not a distinct app or a feature explicitly designed by Snapchat — just the new trend of the ever-evolving sex industry.  A premium account is a regular Snapchat account, but the name is kept private, and viewers have to cough up some cash to get the name and access to the snaps. Providers typically promote their premium accounts on other social media platforms, posting teasers that are sure to give male viewers at least a half chub, and entice them to join the premium membership for the good stuff. Once they’ve been lured in, members pay monthly subscriptions or a lifetime fee for an intimate slice of the woman’s life —  from mundane Starbucks trips and duck-face selfies, to strip teases and hardcore sex scenes. If they can foster enough of a following, providers can earn enough to retire while they’re still young and hot as hell. 



Just as it does outside the sex industry, intimate interaction on social media begins to blur the distinction between those we do and don’t have a “real” relationship with. Darcie Dolce, a Snapchat premium provider, adult actress, and winner of this year’s Girl/Girl Performer of the Year at the XBIZ Awards, knows it better than anyone. “They’re fans, they watch your porn and see what you look like naked, but you don’t know them, and they’re not your actual friends,” Dolce says. “You have to keep it professional because you don’t want people to misunderstand your relationship.” Dolce tries to strike a balance between fiction and transparency. “People want the fantasy that we could possibly be together someday,” Darcie says. “It’s like I’m acting, but still drawing the lines of our relationship.”  “If I didn’t show my followers I was a real person, I would lose money,” she says. So she shares photos of her life and her son. She promotes her premium Snapchat on her personal social media accounts — the ones where she can be seen by old co-workers, cousins and childhood friends. So it’s always a juggling act for her.