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The Right Way to Flirt with a Webcam Model

So, you’ve just clicked that button to Camversity and chosen a girl to join her in public chat. Now what? This is one of the most common dilemmas a lot of first-time adult sex chat visitors face on a cam site. Your urge is there to talk with a hot chick, but you do not know how exactly as to get the conversation rolling and to keep up a flirtatious talk. You need to pull your act together and learn the tricks of sex chatting. Want to talk the talk and walk the walk? We got you covered.

Just by using these easy tricks, you’ll feel confident bringing out that sex tiger in you AND improve your flirt in real life.  Let us give you some tips on how to take your flirting skills started.

Know her interests

There are lots of cam girls available and they’re waiting for guests to join their chat. So, if you think that you could choose anyone JUST because they’re waiting for guests…you’re wrong. Visit a cam girl’s page and check out her interests in her profile. If you think that you share interests, then that’s a good springboard for you to start chatting in public. Not to mention, the chances of having engaged and stimulating conversations are high.

Start by giving compliments. You can make her feel special by mentioning that you have searched girls having the same interests and hobbies, but she is the most attractive among them. “I am glad that I have found the prettiest girl here who loves cliff jumping like I do.” This will definitely get you brownie points and on her good side, even if you haven’t spent a token yet.

Start casual talk

Flirting in the digital world is just the same as with the real world. Strike a conversation and keep at it because after all, that’s why you’re in sex chat in the first place.

Set the mood. Start it light by being humorous. A good sense of humor still goes a long way even in this virtual reality era, and online chat. Although being funny is a good start, it could also invite her to keep you in her special friend zone. Yet it begins there. So when she focused on you, send her a smile, a wink, or a sexy emoji to show what you’re thinking :p.

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Let her express herself

Sweet talking is not so fun if it is only limited to you – it’s a two-way street. Here’s a golden tip that works: Try not to dominate the conversation as it can be very boring from her side. Let her talk and express her thoughts too. If your way of flirting grabs her, she’ll open and express herself freely. No need to force yourself on her. Show her that you are a good listener too.

Not giving her a chance to share and open up could blow your chances in getting to know her. You might be thinking she won’t hang up or drop your conversation because she’s paid, right? You’ve got it wrong gents. These cam girls are not only up for your money. They do connect with you. So don’t hog the chat and let her excite you with her thoughts as well.

Timing is key

No matter how smooth of a talker you are, saying the right words at the right time plays a role. Actually, it matters a lot. You do not just crack a joke when she is expressing herself in a serious tone. Try not to break her momentum. That is a major turn off, and you wouldn’t want her thinking you’re one of those jerks on the web.

Remember, it is your objective to get a sexy flirt on and indulge in your fantasies – and not to be a jerk. So, make sure you say your thoughts at the right time for you to have a real strong mind-blowing flirt with a cam girl.

Gifts to stand out

Since this is an online cam chat and you’re flirting, you could be that good guy showering her with gifts. You may start sending her funny emojis, and then on private chats, you can tip her extra for her shows. Webcam models appreciate your generosity and sometimes even give you some free extras that’ll really rock your world. Once you’re in a model’s friend zone, you’ll enjoy getting top focus from her and even enjoy special presents. Every model has her way of showing appreciation towards you. Honestly, sometimes it’s better than the relationship you have with your girlfriend LOL (just saying, guys).  Also, if you see her Amazon Wishlist, you could surprise her with a gift which would make her incredibly happy.

Flirting is a game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But hey, in the online world of live sex cams…there’s not really a way to lose (unless you’re acting like a jerk). There are hundreds of other girls to chat with, so your chances of getting your flirt on is always high. Ready to give it try? Get your flirt on with Camversity Models here.