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The Seven Secrets of Female Sexuality

Have you ever wondered how to make the special woman in your life go crazy between the sheets? Read ahead for seven ways to drive her wild and give her exactly what she wants (and didn’t know she needed)!

Stimulate her mind.

You can turn her on before the clothes even start to come off! Start your game of seduction at dinner with intellectually stimulating conversation. Wow her with your knowledge of science, current events, and politics. For women, sex is not just physical, but mental as well, so it is important to show off your intellect to her before the sexy fun begins.

Bring out the toys.

Women commonly have more trouble reaching orgasm than men, and may require some extra help to get to the finish line. While there is a lot you can do with your tongue and fingers (and more!), sometimes your babe may need the assistance of a toy like a vibrator to put the cherry on top of her pleasure. Don’t be threatened by this – think of it as a way to push her over the edge as an extension of yourself and your skills. You won’t regret it (and neither will she)!

Take your time.

Sex is a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time during foreplay, and be sure to focus on the sensitive erogenous zones like her neck, breasts, and inner thighs. Lick, touch, tease…all of it will make her scream! Don’t rush to get to the finish line and make it worth her while. She will be much more ready to return the pleasure when you take the time to focus on her.

Put on a show.

Just like men, women love a good visual. Give your lady a special treat and show yourself off. You work hard for that body in the gym, so why not show off a little? Put on some sexy music and grind your hips on her, touching and caressing her body as you go. Give her the special strip club experience right from the comfort of your bedroom, and show her your moves. For an extra bit of fun, tell her she can look, but can’t touch, and see how long she lasts!

Try something new.

There’s a closet freak in all of us. Odds are there is a least one sex act she hasn’t tried before, so surprise her at dinner one night with a sexy conversation about her wildest fantasy. You can suggest kinky fun like bringing in handcuffs and a blindfold, trying out some roleplay, or experimenting with new positions you haven’t tried before. Mix things up and she will be sure to thank you for it, again and again!

Play a special game.

Bring some excitement into the bedroom and have some fun while you’re doing it! Some friendly competition will stimulate her mind and body, and get her especially in the mood. Try playing games like strip poker, or download an app to play games like sexy truth or dare together. Make her laugh and blow her mind with your strategic thinking and superior intellect.

Show her some love.

Make her the focus for a night and show her that she’s your queen! Spend one sexy evening together where she’s the center of attention. Blow her mind with your fingers and tongue, whisper sexy words into her ear, and take your time to give her the ultimate pleasure. Make her insane with slow, sensual touches. It will be worth your while!