Camversity Girls



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This week, we got to interview one of the baddest Twerk Queens there is… Braidy Bad.  She’s wild, freaky, and full of energy. Turning 23 this November 20th (take a hint fellas), Braidy is not holding back. If you love curves and an exotic mix you’ve never seen before, Miss Bad is your girl. All the zest from Brazil, mixed with the spice of Italy, and topped off with Beau (Beauty) of France… Put all 3 together and you get the Braidy recipe.



Aside from all the looks you could ask for, Braidy has a down to earth and loving heart. She’s as real as they get. There is no on-screen / off-screen personality for her. She is who she is, all day, everyday. She really enjoys getting behind the camera, and flaunting her beautiful curves. So much so she’s online generally 4 nights of the week. Her favorite thing about working on Camversity is the luxury of working whenever she wants, and no one telling her what she has to do. She also enjoys the company incentives to work harder and make more money! It goes without saying, she also loves the fact, she gets to work from home.



Braidy’s hobbies include dressing up, and trying some wild new get ups, even off camera. She also is a connoisseur of cannabis, which goes hand in hand with the fact that she loves to rest. Allegedly she can sleep up to 4 days straight, if she’s really not feeling up to par with life. One of her most memorable Cam experiences was on New Year’s Eve, she had a tad bit too much to drink, and she decided to get online when she got home. Well that ended up with her face in her pillows, and her ass in the air… but that got her one of her biggest tips to date, probably out of sheer humor and originality.



Currently residing in Long Island, New York, Braidy has high hopes on moving to the west coast. More specifically the beautiful golden beaches of San Diego, SoCal’s hidden gem. Her next travel destination is Paris, France. She really wants to experience a piece of her origin’s culture. To keep up with Braidy’s affairs and when she’ll be live in her Camversity Room next, give her a follow on her social medias; Twitter & Instagram.