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Why Hooking Up with Background TV is the move.

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When I say Ive “watched Game of Thrones” what I really mean is I’ve watched  a total of 20 mins of each episode from season 1-5. A former girlfriend had the full collection, so for about 2 months,  every time we we started an episode, The Starks were on the screen, we got under the sheets. It was more of a coincidence that turned into queued routine. It’s slightly comical what Pavlovian response we had to hearing the intro theme song.

I’ve always enjoyed hooking up while the TV is on—I don’t pause to turn it on every time I’m about to get naked with someone, but I definitely leave it on if it’s already on. I like how TV dissolves the pressure of the situation: We’re not Making Love, we’re getting our “Netflix and chill” time, it was a good strategy to break the ice before a first-time sexual encounter, but I’d argue that the ambient noise and flicker of a TV makes sex really low-stress and fun no matter what stage of a relationship you’re in.

Not all shows are created equal tho, not every show is a mood setter. Can’t be comical or dramatic enough where you start paying attention to what you’re watching opposed to what you’re inside of*. It has to be the right amount of mindlessness that neither of you can stress about missing a scene or 3.

Here are a couple, you simply cannot go wrong with.

Spartacus “Blood & Sand”

Its more than just bloody soft-core tv porn. Yes, it’s bloody, to say the least. And, yes, it’s not a show that you want to watch with children under eighteen. (or over, if you’re not too comfortable with them). This show is action packed, yet not the kind that locks you in. Oh, and the sex… so much of it, all sorts of it. From massive roman royalty orgies, full on gay scene between chiseled gladiators, plenty of girl on girl action, and scenes that make actual porn just look boring… this show will be sure to have you yelling “ by Jupitar’s Cock “ sooner than later.



I still believe that nobody has ever watched a whole episode of Riverdale. This show is based on the Archie comics, but the plot is too wild to follow seriously (cults! gangs! drugs! corruption!) Everyone on the show is attractive, and sometimes the showrunners just grease up Archie and throw in a shirtless boxing match for the hell of it. Riverdale was meant to be sexy background viewing.



Lastly, if you have the attention span of a fly and you really can’t “netflix & chill” , “hulu & screw”, “amazon prime & sexy time” , “imax & climax” , or whatever secret lingo you use with your S.O … simply put on a good play list and or some Jeopardy. And get busy.