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The beautiful blondie from across the pond… Kim Katte

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This week’s starlet is the curvy and lovely … Kim Katte! At only 20 years young, Kim is one of the  jubilant souls you come across once in a blue moon, who is full of adventure, and fun! She is a cute blondie from Europe that doesn’t take life all too seriously, stays down to earth, and just wants to make others smile!



Kim first started cam modeling when she was 18 years old, she didn’t have the best starts… she wasn’t taking it seriously, or committing her time to it. Bounced around until she came across Camversity. She loved the layout and warm welcomes she was getting right from the start. So she changed her thoughts and outlook, allocated her time, and dove into it completely. Now she has nothing but good things to say about her job and environment. Her favorite thing about her industry is the abilities to constantly meet new people, new personalities, and new cultures. “ What can bond two new humans closer than getting to know one other while masturbating together? Haha… Its pretty fun!”



In her spare time, aside from adventures and hikes, Kim loves to lay out and read. She doesn’t like to go out or shop too much like most girls, because she loves to travel… so she saves all her money to visit exotic destinations around the world (just not any cold ones or during the winter).


Kim is a total gourmand, she’ll try any types of cuisine… but her favorite is, seafood! Nothing can beat fresh caught fish. Kim also likes her fair share of books, the top of her list include “Wuthering Heights” and “Pride and Prejudice”. She loves romantic novels and movies, “Nothing beats the feeling of love!”


To see more of Kim… Visit her in at Camversity and to keep up with her schedule, check her out on Twitter!