October Bonus! FREE $$$ Daily! Details inside!

We’ve not quite fallen into Winter yet, we’re making sure Fall ends on a bright note. We’re cranking things up to help you make more money with a daily bonus all month long.

This is a limited-time opportunity for the month of October.

What do you have to do?

Just have fun camming and earning tokens selling media, public shows or privates, any tokens earned.

Once you meet and earn a minimum token amount on any given day in October, we’ll automatically add bonus tokens to your account. You do nothing else!  

Simply check your earnings the next day and view the number of bonus tokens.

Here are the bonuses you can earn daily :

0 to 2499 = 0 bonus tokens

2500 to 4999 = 250 bonus tokens

5000 to 9999 = 500 bonus tokens

10000 to 14999 = 1000 bonus tokens

15000 to 19999 = 1500 bonus tokens

20000 to 24999 = 2000 bonus tokens

25000 to 29999 = 2500 bonus tokens

30000 to 34999 = 3000 bonus tokens

35000 to 39999 = 3500 bonus tokens

40000 to 44999 = 4000 bonus tokens

45000 to 49000 = 4500 bonus tokens

*(1 token = $.05)

As example. If you earn a total of 3000 tokens on Monday, we’ll add 250 bonus tokens at the end of the day. You’ll be able to see your daily bonus in your Earnings Dashboard.

Pretty nice huh? We think so. Every single day you could have 2000, 3000, or more (if you’re serious about it)…a few hundred dollars daily that just pour into your account. Imagine days where you could have like $300 or $500 in your account! 

Again, bonus tokens given are based on total token earnings ( all media purchases, spy shows, private shows, public shows, offline tips, all earnings)

Have fun broadcasting!

Interested in signing up as a Camversity model?

Go here: www.camversity.com

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach us at support@camversity.com.