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How To Add Photos to Your Model Profile ”About Me” Section

Hey Camversity girls, are you curious on how you can upload photos and images to your ”About Me” section?

Well, we’ve got the perfect tutorial from Camversity camgirl Forest Viper on how to do it.

Why should you include photos in your “About Me” section?

Well, first of all, you make it super easy for members and guests to see photos of you without going to your media. Secondly, If you’re offline, you’ll more likely capture a member’s interest in a matter of seconds because he’s probably looking for someone like you. Third, it makes your profile page stand out and gives off a vibe of your webcam girl personality.

Understand why it’s beneficial now? In this Camversity model tutorial, you’ll learn step-by-step, how to include your photos on your profile page, so members see them immediately when they land in your room. This a quick trick to score a strong first impression. Members that immediately see your sexy pictures within a single click, gives you a super boost at getting an instant follower ❤.

Camversity Model Tutorial

A big thanks to our bae Forest Viper who did this to help webcam models with their Camversity profile! Great job 👌!