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Girls Twerk It Hard For The Champagne

There’s nothing like a nice booty that knows how to twerk. The media claims that Miley invented twerking when in reality, she really didn’t. Ever since Miley has been twerking, white girls from all ages with no ass have been trying to “twerk” like her and fail every time (GOOD THING THEY FAILED).

We think Camversity girls can out-twerk Miley. Don’t you agree?

Check it out! When Camversity Girls get together in a hotel room and party it up with some wine and champagne.

Are you curious what when down that night? Well, we can’t show you all the naughty visuals here but we can show you a few highlights worth watching.

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The girls started off with a juicy twerk-a-thon (just for starters), followed by tons of girl-on-girl action that’s totally NSFW – only on