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Follow your bliss with Cannabliss

Catch this Camversity Girl live and get happy! The beautiful & bubbly Cannabliss is a model, a therapist, an artist and much more! A frequent face on the Top 25, she loves to live it up live, connecting with members on their day to day, playing interactive games and getting into one of her preferred on cam activities, spank shows, in which she discounts spanks for a limited time, and as she puts it, “it’s always fun to go wild on my booty & it’s nice to see the jiggle bring joy to my room!”


And we can’t mention Cannabliss without her asking her about her guilty pleasure which is… what else?! A purveyor of Mary Jane, Cannabliss is a smoker, a midnight toker! Now that she lives in Colorado, she is proud owner of designer glass and able to indulge in quality cannabis! The grass is always greener with this Camversity Girl!


The bubbly Cannabliss finds it super easy to be herself in front of the lens, usually smiling and laughing with her members. Having found camming in college, she told us she loves the freedom camming inspires and the unique friendships she’s made with other models, especially Camversity Girls such as MissBlaire and LilyBelle.

A long distance friendship developed through Camversity & soon these three beauties will be meeting each other in person for the very first time! Cannabliss, LilyBelle and MissBlaire will be doing a group show LIVE on Camversity and will be filming some videos for their media sections – so definitely check back here for more coverage on their Camversity connection!!!

Passionate with a huge heart, Cannabliss is truly a beauty inside and out. When she’s not on Camversity, she works as a therapist in the mental health field, and as she puts it, “making a difference in the lives of others makes me happiest!” One can find her working at her local community garden, baking for homeless shelters and volunteering at hospitals & animal rescues in her spare time. As for one of her goals this year, Cannabliss told us if she reaches the Top 3 on Camversity’s Top 25, she’d donate her bonus to one of the organizations she’s been involved with, so get her get to her goal on Camversity’s Top 25!


Art is especially important to Cannabliss, especially painting and music. Watercolors are her specialty and she especially adores seeing the joy painting brings to people. Lots of her members have commissioned watercolor paintings & she hopes each member could have a piece of her art hanging in their room! Fellow Camversity Girls, Vero and LilyBelle, have been the subject of her paintings and Cannabliss hopes to paint more Camversity Girls soon.

On the music note, Cannabliss’ favorite instrument is her voice! She sings regularly in her room and keeps it interesting, mixing up various genres and decades on her playlists. You never know what will play next which is all part of the show 😉 And if you’re down to get your game on, Cannabliss has got some interactive play for you! Her latest game is “Gold Rush,” in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, members are hoarding pots o’ gold & avoiding pesky leprechauns!

Yoga is near and dear to Cannabliss. As she puts it, “Practicing yoga has always been a release for me.” A former award winning ballerina, she also has a ballet barre in her living room for when the occasional twirl arises! This Camversity Girl is all about balancing mind, body and spirit!


“Doing something to make someone else smile,” she told us when we asked her about her daily routine. After waking up with her wolf pup, Ghost, running errands or painting, doing therapy work with patients & cooking a good meal, she looks forward to hanging out in her room on Camversity. When we asked her what makes her day, she told us, “Members who tip just because! It shows me they are good people who are supportive of me and my life goals.”

New to Camversity? Cannabliss is here to help! From connecting with members to creating friendships with Camversity Girls, Cannabliss goes out of her way to be open, kind and supportive. Her biggest piece of advice to new models is to have a support system and if you need one, feel free to hit up her DM’s, girls! 


Besides just simply being happy, Cannabliss has a few goals for 2019. She’s saving up for a trip filled with amazing moments to Bali/Tulum and she hopes to enter Camversity’s Top 10. She’s already on her way to accomplishing a visit with her Camversity crushes, the lovely LilyBelle and the beautiful MissBlaire! In her words, “LilyBelle, you are a goddess and I don’t know what I’d do without you! And MissBlaire, you’ve been my rock in times of need and I can’t thank you enough!” We can’t wait for more for these Camversity Girls to meet & to watch them LIVE on Camversity!

👑Get high on life with Cannabliss and connect with her LIVE on Camversity!👑