One on one with Camversity’s bombshell beauty, AnastasiaPearl

Gorgeous, friendly, and kind as can be, AnastasiaPearl is truly a Camversity Girl – feast your eyes on our Top 25 and you’ll find this precious pearl of a girl in the Top Five! Inquiring minds had to know, so we asked the lovely and luminous Anastasia to tell us more about herself, her life, her work and her future goals, she happily opened up on all of those and more!

Romanian. Italian. English. Spanish. French. Oui! Oui! One thing you may not know about Anastasia is that this Camversity Girl is multilingual in five languages. That’s right, 5 languages! While she speaks in English and Spanish to her audience in her room, she feels more comfortable chatting in English and as she puts it, “I always feel I can be more naughty in English!”

A Romanian delicacy, Borscht, and a delicious homemade pasta from scratch are among some of Anastasia’s favorite things to cook, especially for friends and family!


Another one of Anastasia’s passions is a deep love of animals, from cats to flamingos! As a little girl in Romania, she would take care of the stray dogs and cats in the area and take them home to her parents to find them homes! She plans to adopt a rescue dog in the near future now that she’s settled in the United States.

One of her dreams as a little girl was to visit the Big Apple, New York City. Her dream came true and Anastasia loves to visit the city often. “It’s so fashionable and there is always something interesting to do.” Traveling in style, Anastasia loves fashion and loves to shop! She counts her circle of friends as her main style inspirations. “You are who you hang out with,” she told us.



Anastasia fell in love with camming while in school. A flexible schedule and the ability to work anywhere in the world was highly appealing to her and the opportunity for financial freedom as well. As she told us, streaming live is an escape for models, not only members. Inside her room on Camversity, she’s all about having fun – chatting and joking with her audience – friends, members and new fans, too! And twerking, definitely twerking, too!

When we asked Anastasia if she had one piece of advice for other Camversity models, she told us, “Love yourself! Don’t be afraid to use your sensuality and if you want to be provocative, be it! There is no shame in expressing your sexuality and don’t let others bring you down!” We couldn’t agree more! 

🎂February is Anastasia’s birthday month!🎂

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