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5 Best things to do this summer

A Camversity Production.

1. Travel

It’s not like you need more reasons to take time off this summer, but a nice little lineup of undercover festivals, stellar concerts and cheap destinations can never hurt the cause. We all need a little reset, and break from the routine. Enjoy yourself a little, spend some money, and go sip some Pina colada beachside!


2. Day drinking

There’s something about getting drunk while the sun is still up that instantly feels like vacation. Schedule a day to have beers or cocktails outside with your friends. Make sure to keep snacks and water available so no one gets sick or overheated!

3. Go on a road trip

Maybe you can’t get time off of work and just want to plan a weekend- or day-long trip across the state or to the beach. Whatever the length or reason for your trip, choose a destination with your friend or lover, pack a light bag, fill up the thank, and hit the road!

4. Do something wholesome

It’s something we do a lot and have a lot of fun doing. Instead of our usual weekend benders, we plan something mellow like a hike, beach day, or schedule a night of video games. Do something sober that involves a lot of bonding and is gentle on your wallet, whether that means painting one another’s nails or taking a yoga class together.

5. Get a tattoo

Even a temporary one, do something fun… do it with a friend. Get matching ones, be spontaneous. Even more bonus points if it has spiritual or personal meaning.


honorable mentions

Visit a nude beach.


Make a sex tape.


Have a three some.


Find the person you want to fuck for the rest of your life.