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Glazed or not, just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Go Carnivorous Indian burn the Totem pole. No

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This week we sat down and got to know the chill, fun loving, laid back sweetheart … Kylie! Way ahead of her age, Kylie holds herself to a high standard and presents it so. She turns 20 at the end

A Camversity Production   Born & Raised in Sin City, Ashley wouldn’t see it any other way, she loves Vegas and all its might.  The very energetic, personable, and wild dancing feature for this week is non other than Ashley  . Ashley

Sponsored by Camversity   Any lady that has given online dating a try, or any form of modern electronic communication for that matter, will tell you one of their main issues is that men of all ages routinely send them unsolicited pictures

A Camveristy Production Started her modeling journey at 21 years old, based out of the sunshine state.. it’s Sammi Grey! Now, at 24, Sammi has nothing but great things to say about her business. She’s long ways from where she started. With

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Sponsored by Camversity.com   Guys.. it may seem cheesy, but it’s true — you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. She notices everything about you the very instant you've walked into the room. And while she leaves no sight