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The First Things Women Notice About Men.

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Guys.. it may seem cheesy, but it’s true — you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. She notices everything about you the very instant you’ve walked into the room. And while she leaves no sight unobserved, here are 5 things she will notice about you immediately. Maybe you can be mindful and get these right before you see her next time



Plain and simple, a woman notices your smile. Some men just have smiles that instantly draw you in and make you feel comfortable, and it can be a huge reason you catch a woman’s eye from the very beginning. Your smile is important because it can instantly make a woman feel welcomed and comfortable. On top of that, how clean and well your teeth look is another good insight into how a man conducts his life. Your smile is something that can make them melt and that can disarm them completely and is definitely one of the very first things women notice about men. So, smile boys!


Your Eyes

This is a BIG one. Eyes are definitely one of the most important features that women take note of almost immediately, whether have hazel, brown or ocean blue ones. Your eyes give out the most information about you, without you even knowing it. Your eyes show if you’re intense, cheerful, scanning the room for something, or just overconfident about everything. Plus, a guy who makes eye contact and is actually paying attention to you immediately gets points over a guy who is constantly looking away or avoiding your gaze — that’s just shifty and makes women wonder what you’re trying to hide.



Every single woman has a certain physical type that draws their eye. Some women love super muscular guys, and other women prefer lean, lanky frames. Everyone has a preference. So when you first meet a woman, before a single word comes out of your mouth, she’s noticing your physique. A man who seems muscular tends to appear more attractive to a woman, as she has subconsciously been given the impression that he will be able to protect her. She may not be able to tell if you have a six pack or not, but she’ll see if you’ve got a narrower frame or broad shoulders, if you’re short or tall, if you’re toned or a little bit more cuddly.



The way you wear your hair says a lot about you. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it’s the topmost feature about you, or maybe the way you style it. Your hair is one of the first things a woman notices about you. They notice the type of haircut and style you have, if it’s maintained and how clean or good your hair looks. Sometimes, it’s not even the style but how well your hair’s washed or combed.



Women love confident men. Many times it doesn’t matter if you aren’t the best looking guy in the room, or if you don’t have highest paying job, or the most expensive car. All that matters to a woman in that first impression is whether or not you’re confident. There is a fine line between confident and cocky. Cockiness is a turn off, so don’t try to fake it by overcompensating. As everyone knows, many women are biologically hardwired to be attracted to strong men, providers, alpha males. If you carry yourself like one, you’ll probably get a few more heads turning in your direction.