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If you thought you liked gold before, you haven’t met Goldie XO…

A Camversity Production


She loves many things but nothing as much as Gold… For this week’s feature, we sat down with the beautiful, GoldyXO. She is very passionate, full of life, a loving sweetheart who has a lot more to her than meets the eye. She started out cam modeling because of social media and her never ending curiosity. She was scrolling through twitter, saw an advertisement for Camversity, she was intrigued by all the girls looking like they’re having a fun time ‘working’. She decided she wanted to try that out, getting paid to do it was a no brainer for her. She started off as a part time model, but because she was new to working on her own schedule it took a bit to find the way. She is now motivated and transitioned to cammng full time!




Aside from her physical assets, that are only getting better and better by the day, GoldyXO says her greatest asset is her heart. The ability to uplift and make a person feel seen, loved, and inspired. “We all want to feel accepted or apart of something more than we know at times. The question arises, ‘who really are we?’ Hearing true words like ‘you are enough, you matter and you are deserving of love in many ways’ make a difference. I see it as bringing people’s treasure out hehe. Bringing their true self out and letting that shine!”

She definitely has a heart big enough for two, and has her feet on the ground. But GoldyXO is full of motivation and goals. One of those, is becoming a Top Camversity Model, and staying at the top. “ It’s not what is necessary but more so as a reflection of who I am and how I built myself, my friendships, fans, and support system.



We asked GoldyXO, If she had any advice to give models who are ready to take the leap and start their new careers path. Her response “My advice would be to learn as much as possible about camming, or even reaching out to me for more tips. As new models, we can tend to be naive about some people’s intentions. I was lucky enough to have been shown some things by a very well known and successful person in the industry so I knew what to watch out for, though that still didn’t save me from everything. A tip for a new model is if a guy is making demands without first being a gentleman by tipping or something of the sort he does not care about you and you are not here to people please but to be yourself in a way that you feel comfortable sharing with the world. Follow your gut and yes just keep learning.”

GoldyXO has hobbies that look like most of our To-do lists… she does it all, from hitting the gym on a daily basis, to yoga & pilates. GoldyXO loves to be active and healthy. Her other hobbies include ‘grounding’ aka being in nature and absorbing each moment in it. As well as singing, she is a little shy at first, but her voice can captivate an audience. So be on the look out.




Food junkie isn’t her criteria, she’s more a healthy salad and fruits as snacks type person. So don’t try bringing any McDs around her. But if you want to have a movie night with her, some of her favorite titles include ‘Pan’s Labyrinth & Kingsmen’ , A movie that tells a good story, is what she would say.  And if you were ever so lucky as to meet her in person.. Be kind, genuine, thoughtful, and chivalrous. It will go a long way. Oh and she’s not the restaurant and club type, if you want take her out, be random and unique. She loves abnormality, try to stay away from the basic stuff.

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