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Born & raised in one of the most lively cities in the world and roots from one of the the most nature rich countries in Latin America. This week we had a chance to talk to Miami’s very own Colombian, OnStar Cruz. Cruz is young, vibrant, and full of life. But don’t take our word for it, Visit her Camversity Room and see for yourself (Good Luck). Onstar grew up going to parties at an adult set house, which got her in the mix, and eventually all the friends she made were either adult actresses or exotic dancers. Sex work was always a curious itch she wanted to scratch, but never saw herself actually doing it. Until one eventful evening, Cruz went to party at the same house and she met this guy she really fell for, who now is her boyfriend. Both being musicians and artists, they ended up trying to figure out various methods of obtaining an income. Believe it or not, investing in yourself is not cheap, and does not provide an instant return. As time went on, her itch was only getting worse, and she knew she wanted to be in the industry, but was way too shy for any of the real stuff. She then stumbled onto Camversity, which provided her own private outlet to do what she wants, when she wants. It’s been all smooth sailing since!



Aside from being all the eye candy you could ever want, Cruz is also very well known and admired for her voice. Not only as a singer, but even in general, she has a way with her tongue that will get any guy’s tail wagging. One of Onstar’s goals is to get more awareness and acceptance to the adult world, in particular, sex workers. In her own words ” People are so close minded but if you bring two crafts such as cam and music together, I think it’ll create a new outlook on sex work, and that there is a-lot more to it than meets the eye”.



One of her favorite things about her industry is the loyalty and love she receives from her fans. She loves seeing the same usernames on different platforms all being active and supporting her. And when we asked what’s your favorite moment so far? she responded ” The day I got my first tip, and I just loved that noise it makes, it’s addicting to hear it at this point”.



Cruz’s loves to travel and get out of town to unwind. Her all time favorite destination to visit is Greece. Until then she’ll be working hard to build herself as a model, and creating amazing new content. One of her biggest biggest inspirations, she’s the reason she wanted to be a Cam Model. If she’s not behind the camera working & promoting herself on social media, she’ll be spending all nighters in the studio working on new music,  while smoking some of the good good. To keep up to date with all of her activity, Go follow her on Twitter.