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How to Set Up The Right Lighting to Rock Your Live Streams

Here are some tips on how to create the right camming environment to get the most out of your streams. We got these insights from some of our most successful and high-earning top Camversity models that use these lighting hacks.

Set Up The Right Camming Environment to Rock Your Live Streams

Lighting is Key

You don’t have to buy the most professional equipment to have good quality lighting. You can spend as little at $60 or up to $200 for some decent studio lighting. You can start by first turning on your camera and playing around with your room’s lighting. Try out different rooms to see how the lighting hits and compliments your camera. Make sure the lighting source is ALWAYS across from you – NOT behind you.

TIP – Try getting a Ring Light from Amazon (cheap and easy for non-tech chicks).

If you have lighting equipment, try placing them in different angles and adjust the brightness. You always want to make sure that any shadows you have compliment your facial and physique features. Also, spice up your streams with different colored lights to set a different mood. For example, red LED lights can give off a a sultry and sensual vibe depending on your performance.  Check out different tutorials on the web for lightening ideas. It’s worth the search! Your members will appreciate well-lit shows.

Tidy and Clean Environment

Having a clean environment free of clutter and distractions helps keeps fans focused on you. Do you really want members to stare your dirty laundry on the floor? Or photos of your parents? Or the trash you forgot to take out? Hopefully not!

Create a clean and welcoming atmosphere in your designated camming area. This way members will stay focused on you. Isn’t this what you want? Members to be captivated by your presence and your performance. You better believe it!

Position yourself properly

Position yourself in the middle of the camera and look into it (like a professional TV presenter). When directly looking into the camera and talking to members, you are creating a special connection with them.

Look – the cam is your spotlight. It’s up to you to create the sexy and flirtatious vibes of the room. If you are a gamer girl, cosplay chick, BDSM female, or whatever… be what YOU feel comfortable being on webcam, however, always note that if you look perfect, like a professional TV presenter, you will attract the best

Have the right equipment

Of course, you want to provide the best quality of streams to your viewers! High-quality streams, especially HD, help boost your tips because members see you clearly. Almost like you’re right across from them in real life.

Do you like watching blurry movies? Doesn’t the low quality get on your nerves? Wouldn’t you try to find a movie with better quality?

WELL, that’s how members feel when they can’t see you.

So, check out these helpful tips below to improve your streaming quality:

  • Make sure that you have an HD camera with the 1280×720 resolution available.
  • Make sure you have installed the proper HD camera driver and software.
  • If you are using a splitter for your camera, choose the 1280×720 resolution before opening any browser or application which uses the splitter/camera.
  • Use Chrome browser and try to clean your cookies and caches every time BEFORE streaming.


  • Always start streaming on Camversity BEFORE opening any another application or website that could use the camera/splitter. Camversity uses a 1280×720 resolution, so if you first open another application or website with a lower resolution, the browser will keep the lower resolution for Camversity too. This will end in a lower quality and no HD tag for your stream!