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We’ve all had something crazy happen during sex, but here are some of the funniest…

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At some point in your adult life, whether it was the day you lost your V-card, or 20 years later. You’ve had a cringe worthy moment happen to you in the bedroom. Here are a few that bring a comedic relief to everyone.


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The lightsaber penis:

“Shortly after my husband and I started dating, we bought a variety pack of condoms just to try out some new brands/types. He was wearing a blue one and started making lightsaber noises while swinging his dick around and doing sexy talk in a Yoda voice. That was the first time we told each other ‘I love you’ (Not exactly a story we can tell most people).”



This simple command:

“My now-husband — then fiancé — had to turn the light out on me once because he couldn’t look at me without laughing, all because I had my legs straight up in the air and yelled “BRING FORTH THE PENIS,” Monty Python-style.”



The breath mint surprise:



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This reality weight check:



The safety first:

My girlfriend had us on the floor, behind the bed so we wouldn’t be seen in case anyone too stupid to read the signs walked in. I had always put on the condom when we had sex, and this time she wanted to put it on. So she puts it on, all’s well and then she says “do I put it around your nuts? I don’t want it to fall off” and at that point I just lost it. Laughing out loud scrunched between the bed and the wall with her sitting on me. Fun times.



The ol’ angry dragon:

I was blowing my husband and he came in my mouth. It shot out my nose. This happened twice lol.


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