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5 Conversation Ice Breakers for Sex Chat Newbies

Breaking the ice and starting up a conversation isn’t comfortable for a lot of guys. Jumping into a Camversity girl’s public chat can feel like you belly-flopped on the waters of Antarctica. You’re a bit uneasy, feeling frozen what to do, you think it’s better to stay low and be invisible.

But that’s NOT why you came to Camversity, now is it?

You’ve got this raw energy that you want to release. You want to watch a live sex show just like you imagined it. 

It’s usual that many virgin sex chatters feel unsure about it. But once you start opening up and being social, it just flows. After all, no one can see you, no one knows you, and no one will judge you. That’s why you came in the first place. AND it’s a freakin’ good thing you did!

But, okay…so now…

  • How do you become like the other well seasoned chatty members?
  • How do you start chatting away?
  • How can you get comfortable talking dirty? 
  • How do you satisfy those kinky thoughts that run in your dirty mind during your solo fap time?

Well, here we go! That’s why we’ve put together some quick icebreakers to make chatting a comfortable and fun experience for those that feel shy or are new to Camversity. Let’s get to it.

5 Easy Conversation Starters to Help New Guys Break the Ice in Live Chat

1. Greet the room

When you join the public chat area, start by simply saying “Hi”  to the model. Your greeting can be as creative as you wish (if you’re the flashy word type). Try using the model’s name when you greet her and maybe even throw in an emoji. Just like that, you’ve entered her world like a gentleman with a dozen roses.

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Many times, the model will greet you right back with a big smile! A simple polite greeting etiquette is a great icebreaker if you’re feeling shy in the chat room.

2. Throw a compliment

What woman can resist a compliment? Almost every woman on Earth loves to hear a compliment. It shows that you’re polite and you’re feeling her personality vibes and beauty. Webcam models adore your kind and generous words – AND you show up as a nice guy.

So find something you like about her. It could be her pretty eyes, bubbly personality, game-loving nature, cosplay costume, anything you find attractive about her. By doing this, you’ll be getting on her good side and she may pay close attention to you since you’re a nice guy. Throwing a compliment is a perfect way to get your flirt on as you get warmed up to unleash your raw desires. 

3. Jump in and get it tiger

When you’re in the model’s public chat area, you could be with 50 or 500 others. This can make group conversations much more inviting as you see how others are engaging with the model. If you see the cam girl is happily responding to others that ask her about her day…you should too!

You can ask her questions and see if she’s into the same interests as you. You can be funny and ask for instance, “What’s your favorite pizza topping?’’. Try asking about the latest series, football game, movies, etc. This will help you become more comfortable chatting publicly, which can help you express your underlying naughty comments like “nice boobs, cute panties, nice booty” and so on. Don’t like actually typing words? Hit up some of our best sexting emojis them when your sexting! 

4. Please and thank you

So hopefully by now, you’ve got the hang of the chat area. You probably see that guys are giving her tips for their requests. You can, of course, do the same. Check out her room topic for an idea of how many tokens you should tip for a spank, let’s say. Maybe it’s like 15 tokens or something. You can send a tip easy peasy and if you want, include a sexy message.

Anytime you want a sexy request, you should tip her to show her that you appreciate her body rocking act. If you just say “show tits baby,” that might not work (without a tip). And she won’t do it. Demands are not a good way to act in her room if you want the truth. But don’t be disappointed...models are happy to satisfy your requests like boob flashes with a tip. Simply ask them how many tokens for a boob flash, and she’ll tell you. So just keep that in mind if that’s how you want the conversation to go smoothly.

Stay on her good side by not be demanding. Eventually, demanders without showing generosity will get banned by the model. No bueno.

5. Make friends and hang out

Being a part of the Camversity community is like meeting all your buddies at the strip bar and enjoying a sexual fantasy. The best part is, no one knows you and you can hang out without ever leaving your home. You can also add Model friends and send private messages, just like you would on Facebook.

Models are performers BUT they have friends too! Very commonly, models become friends with members and they connect with while they’re not streaming, send them private snap chats, and generally just chat with them on a personal level. So connecting with a model and becoming a regular has many perks to boost your social life!

Ready to try these conversation starters?

Now, go put these conversation icebreaker tips to play if you’re a new Camversity member! Remember to add some tokens to your account to be able to tip once you find models that really capture your attention.

If you have any more conversation icebreaker tips, please comment below!