5 Secrets to Becoming a Highly Paid Webcam Model

Webcam modeling is becoming one of the most popular jobs for different reasons. It’s perfect when you’re low on cash, bored and tired of your vanilla job, or deeply desire freedom and flexibility. Just like any job, it’s good to understand it first before you jump right into camming. One of it’s biggest advantageous is that it’s super easy to start and doesn’t require any experience. But we understand what you’re thinking.

“It sounds great and all, but how do I make tons of cash?”..Okay, tons of cash is possible. But not overnight or in a few days. This is not a get rich quick make six figures next month sort of thing. Yeah, of course, there are webcam models scoring big bucks, but they made it happen.

Camming can bring you UMM-MAZING money, that could have you living in your dream apartment, get a new boujee wardrobe, buy the best toys for your kids, take that vacation you always wanted to Bali, and much more. But it does require a commitment from you. Once you’ve got the ball rolling though, it’s all pretty ponies and rainbows from there.

Becoming a Succesful Webcam Model

Here are some tips and tricks on what you can do on cam to become one of the top webcam models:

#1 Make Good Eye Contact

Position yourself in the middle of the camera and look into it (like a professional TV presenter). When directly looking into the camera, you’re talking to members. In this way, you are creating a special connection with them because you are directly making good eye contact.

Direct eye contact during your stream shows that your attention is on them and you’re fully engaged. How would you feel if your date was staring off somewhere and not into you? Well, that’s how members feel when you’re not making eye contact with them.

Would you tip a waiter, bartender or hairdresser if they ignored you? Well, the situation is similar. It’s only natural that when we’re happy with a service, do we tip above and beyond. Direct eye contact may also help score you more private sessions since members could want your full 100% attention.

#2 Show Enthusiasm

Always use a happy and flirty tone in your voice to make them want to engage with you.  Do your best to send positive and happy vibes 100% of the time while you’re streaming. Also, show enthusiasm and be fully focused on the conversation – and nothing else (no browsing, no smartphone, no thinking about home problems). Would you want to stick around if someone wasn’t paying attention to you? Probably not!

Humans naturally almost always cling to positive vibes because we want to feel good. We want to escape our troubles of the daily grind and search for entertainment to forget stresses. By being enthusiastic, you’re appealing to emotions. AND Emotions work better than boobs!

#3 Engage With All Members

Pay attention to the Basic members even if they haven’t bought tokens yet. If you manage to turn a Basic into a Premium, you’ve hit gold.

That Basic member with no tokens could spend 10 TIMES MORE with you than a Premium member that was already converted by another model.

#4 Control The Conversation

Always greet members and initiate a conversation using more than 5-6 words in a line. The difference between “Hi John” and “Hi John, I’m so happy to see you today,” is HUGE. Always ask a question to any answer you give!

Show initiative in conversation, maintain control, ask open questions (why? when? how?) and talk about different subjects to each member. Men love women that can keep control of things using their brains and charm!

#5 Create Money Goals

Webcam modeling DOES bring gold nuggets! As long as you have your ducks in a row. Smart business women plan – and camgirls are business women. There will be rainy days, so it’s worth recommending that you save 25 percent of your paycheck. Don’t spend this money. Saving that 25 percent every week is a great way to build your nest egg.

If you’re going to webcam, at least make it count! Go high, aspire to be the best, and have money goals! Determine your goals and make them happen, like buying your own house, opening your own business, etc. Also, by saving a bit from every paycheck, you get closer and closer to reaching any dream you may have.

SERIOUS WEBCAM MODELS, who plan on making this a full-time career and hitting that six-figure salary mark,  this is for you. In order to do this, commitment and dedication is a must in the beginning.

Top models work more than 30 hours per week to establish themselves. Then as you have your fan base, things become easier and the money just rolls in with little effort.

Ready to get started? Become a Camversity model today.